Australia Travel Declaration

Before you travel to Australia, you should complete the Australia Travel Declaration at least 72 hours before your departure for Australia.

The Australia Travel Declaration collects your contact details in Australia, flight details, quarantine requirements and your health status.

This information helps the Australian Government determine your quarantine arrangements (if required) and also allows the relevant health departments to contact you if someone you travelled with tests positive for COVID-19.

The Australia Travel Declaration is for these travellers entering Australia:

  • Australian citizens and permanent residents
  • people who are automatically exempt from the travel restrictions
  • people who have been granted an individual exemption to the current travel restrictions.

Travellers who do not need to complete the Australia Travel Declaration include:

  • flight crew
  • Australian accredited foreign diplomats
  • people travelling on military flights

Before you commence the declaration you will need to have this information ready:

  • passport details
  • trip information
  • destination details
  • contact details

You will need to create an account, which will allow you to manage your current and future declarations in one place. However, you cannot update your Australia Travel Declaration answers once it has been submitted.

Each declaration is for single use and only valid for one flight or journey for the traveller named on the declaration.

Each adult should complete their own declaration. However, parents should complete a declaration for any child under 15 years of age.

If you are transiting through Australia, you need to complete the Australia Travel Declaration.

You do not have to pay for an Australia Travel Declaration — it is free.

Once you’ve completed the Australia Travel Declaration, you will receive an email with details you can show (either electronically or printed) before you board your flight and on arrival in Australia.

If you do not complete the declaration you may not be able to board your flight, or you may experience delays when you arrive in Australia.

NOTE: Giving false or misleading information to the Australian Government is a serious offence. If convicted, the maximum penalty is imprisonment for 12 months.

The Department has authorised a third party to collect the Australia Travel Declaration information on its behalf. You will be redirected from this page to an external Australia Travel Declaration page. Once you’ve submitted your declaration, you will receive your confirmation email from 'AU- Health Aero'

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Safe travel zones

A safe travel zone is an agreement with another country to travel to Australia quarantine-free, provided a traveller has not been in a COVID-19 outbreak location in the last 14 days. Currently Australia has a safe travel zone agreement with:

COVID-19 conditions for safe travel zone flights from New Zealand

The following additional requirements are in place for some travellers seeking to travel on quarantine-free flights from New Zealand to Australia.  

  • From Thursday 25 February 2021 any traveller from New Zealand, who has been in Auckland (except for Auckland airport for the purpose of travelling only) during the previous 14-days before their scheduled flight, is not eligible to travel on a quarantine-free (green zone) flight.
  • Any travellers from New Zealand who have not been in Auckland for any period over the previous 14-days are still eligible to travel on a quarantine-free (green zone) flight.
  • Routine pre-departure and on arrival screening will continue.

Note: all travellers should check the arrangements in both their place of arrival and place of final destination as quarantine requirements might apply.

For more information, see Department of Health: Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice for international travellers

Arrival in Australia

Green and red zones have been created at airports in Australia to ensure the separation of passengers arriving on ‘quarantine-free’ flights, from other passengers who are required to enter 14 days mandatory quarantine.

If you travel on a quarantine-free flight, you will be guided through the green zone to complete all border clearance processes in the airport of arrival in Australia.

For more information for travellers arriving in the green and red travel zone see the Department of Health website.