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Citizenship ceremonies

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, in-person citizenship ceremonies have been placed on hold.

To continue to enable conferees to become Australian citizens, the Department is undertaking online ceremonies through video link as an alternative to traditional in-person ceremonies. These online ceremonies will continue to be offered as a temporary replacement to traditional in-person ceremonies until the social distancing restrictions necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic ease. 

These ceremonies will be with the presiding officer and generally a single conferee, or a household group if they reside at the same location. Ceremonies performed via video link include integrity measures, such as confirming identity. 

The Department is contacting conferees with full details of the process. There is no need to contact the Department or your local council about your ceremony. 

In-person citizenship ceremonies will re-commence when it is safe to do so. 

Generally, conferees have 12 months from their notice of approval to attend a ceremony and make the pledge of commitment, however, during the COVID-19 period, citizenship approval will not be cancelled if a conferee cannot attend a ceremony within this 12 month period. 

For more information, see the Minister’s statement on Australian citizenship processing

Applying for citizenship

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all face-to-face citizenship appointments have been placed on hold.  The Department will recommence in-person interviews and citizenship tests when it is safe to do so.

New applications for Australian citizenship are still able to be accepted during this period.

Processing continues on all applications for Australian citizenship that have already been lodged with the Department.