Visits to immigration detention facilities

On Monday 7 December 2020, COVID-safe in-person visits resumed at immigration detention facilities (IDFs) where it was safe to do so.  Visits were suspended in March to ensure the safety of staff and detainees during COVID-19. Due to the impact of community outbreaks in some states across the country, the current status of the visitor program is summarised in the table below.

Immigration detention facility visiting status

State Status
Western Australia Resumed from 14 February 2021
Victoria Temporarily suspended from 8 February 2021
Queensland Resumed 25 January 2021
New South Wales Resumed 19 January 2021
South Australia Resumed
Northern Territory Resumed

The decision to suspend visits in certain locations is not taken lightly. The health and safety of detainees, staff and visitors remains our key priority. The ABF continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation in each State and Territory and will follow the advice of relevant health authorities accordingly.​

Applications for the following types of visitors are available at IDFs where visits have recommenced and are not affected by COVID-19 temporary visitor suspensions:

  • Personal visitors (family and friends)
  • Professional visitors (lawyers, migration agents, medical professionals)
  • Consular visitors
  • Visitors who provide spiritual care

For further information on COVID-safe visits to immigration detention facilities, see detention visitor program.